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This honey is a delicious, naturally-sweet addition to tea, fresh bread, yogurt, and your favorite family recipes. Choose from Chestnut, Sunflower, Wildflower, Honeysuckle (or try them all!)

Flavor profiles:

Castagno (chestnut) honey is dark, slightly smoky that is produced from the bees gathering nectar from the blossoms of Tuscan chestnut trees. This darker honey is fabulous drizzled over a sharp Tuscan pecorino or ricotta. This honey is also rich in antioxidants for an added health kick. 

Girasole (sunflower) honey is a slightly floral honey produced from the beautiful sunflowers found throughout Tuscany. The odor is sweet and fairly neutral as well. Sunflower honey can crystalize more easily but it is said that only adds to its health benefits, being rich in beneficial elements such as amino acids and minerals, said to have antibacterial, energizing, and antioxidant properties.

Millefiori (wildflower) honey is harvested from bees that feast on a number of different flowers that grow wild on their own. The honey is light, fruity, and full of natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Tasty in your morning tea! 

Sulla (honeysuckle) honey is from a plant also known as French honeysuckle. The plant grows wild throughout southern Italy and has a characteristic red flower. This pale yellow honey has a delicate, mild flavor. Sulla honey can also crystalize more easily, but this only adds to its ability to help heal that sore throat, cough, or tummy ache. 

  • 400g.
  • Made in Italy.
  • Ingredients: Honey.