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Anti-Aging Hand Cream

I first met the Parisi family only a few short years ago - and I fell in love with the magic of this special vineyard on the hill and the amazing family that owns it. Their bond to each other and to the land they tend infuses every bottle of wine, art and product they produce.

NostraVita,translated as “our life”, was born from the passion
and imagination of husband and wife, Annibale and Helena in 1978. After becoming entranced by a century-old oak tree, the couple purchased the property in 1970 and began their family. Along with their three daughters—Guiditta,Valentina, and Carlotta—the family cultivated their passions by creating a sanctuary for art, nature, and history. The strong bond between NostraVita and its territory has given life to projects that see the forest and trees as

In 2000, two hectares of Sangiovese vines were
planted and thus began their venture in producing small-batch, high-quality Rosso di Montalcino and Brunello di Montalcino. Nothing at NostraVita is the result of mass production. Each step from the vineyard to the finished
bottle—hand picked and crushed grapes, hand painted labels, hand corked bottles—are followed in a personal and passionate way. Directly from their family to your glass.

As with many ventures fueled by passion, the anti-aging skincare line by NostraVita came as a natural next step for the family. The natural polyphenolic molecules contained in the pomace of their Sangiovese grapes are extremely precious antioxidants which counteract the
action of free radicals thus slowing the aging process of skin. Because of this all-natural pomace, NostraVita cosmetics have the ability to tone, firm, and make your skin visibly younger day after day.

NostraVita was the realization of a dream: the desire to give a new dimension to the place that was the setting for their story, their family. NostraVita truly represents their life: a project that has focused on the past with an eye on the future.


"NostraVita, translated as “Our Life" - a sanctuary for art, nature, and history

Small-batch Skincare

The exclusive anti-aging skincare line by NostraVita was born in 2018 out of a meeting between one daughter, Giuditta, and Dr. Valentina Borrello, an Italian family-run business that has specialized in the formulation of cosmetics since 1953.