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Settimocielo (Seventh Heaven) Honey

These beautifully packaged jars of honey with the most perfect name - Settimocielo- which translates to ‘Seventh Heaven’. The company was started by a group of young friends in Montalcino, Andrea, Dario, and Vincenzo, along with Massimo’s daughter, Giuditta, and others, who had a dream to produce small quantities of sustainable, high-quality products from Montalcino and a desire to do something beautiful together with lifelong friends. We are also a bit obsessed with its beautiful packaging and now carry a limited quantity of this exquisite honey.

Order your favorite flavor (or try them all!) 

  • 270 gr ~ 9.5 oz
  • Made by little bees in Tuscany
  • Ingredients: Honey

Our Varieties:

Castagno (chestnut): this dark and slightly smoky honey is produced by the bees gathering nectar from the blossoms of Tuscan chestnut trees. This darker, slightly bitter honey is fabulous drizzled over a sharp Tuscan pecorino or ricotta. 

Fiori di Bosco (flowers of the woods): also known as "wildflower honey", light in color and has a delicate, floral taste with hints of fruitiness and a mild sweetness due to the bees collecting nectar from wildflowers, trees, and plants in forested areas.

Trifoglio (clover): typically light amber in color with a sweet, mild taste and a slightly floral aroma due to the nectar from clover flowers. The name means "three-leaved" in Italian which refers to the characteristic shape of the clover leaves

Sulla (honeysuckle): from a plant also known as French honeysuckle. The plant grows wild, is abundant in the Mediterranean region, and has a characteristic red flower. This pale yellow honey has a delicate, mild flavor. Sulla honey can also crystalize more easily, but this only adds to its ability to help heal that sore throat, cough, or tummy ache. 

Millefiori (wildflower): harvested from bees that feast on a number of different flowers that grow wild on their own. The honey is light, fruity, and full of natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Tasty in your morning tea! 

Girasole (sunflower): a slightly floral honey produced from the beautiful sunflowers found throughout Tuscany. The odor is sweet and fairly neutral as well. Sunflower honey can crystalize more easily but it is said that only adds to its health benefits, being rich in beneficial elements such as amino acids and minerals, said to have antibacterial, energizing, and antioxidant properties. 

Acacia: prized for its light color and delicate, floral taste with hints of vanilla. Slow to crystallize, this honey is produced by bees that collect the nectar from the flowers of the acacia tree. 

NOTE: Some honey may crystallize over time. This is normal and natural and a sign of high-quality honey. To return your honey to a liquid state, our preferred method is to place it on a sunny windowsill or warm location until it transforms back into a liquid. Be careful not to overheat the honey, as this can damage the enzymes and nutrients and cause the honey to lose its flavor and aroma.